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IPV Server

Produktion, Vertrieb & Engineering

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3-3000 ml Abfüllmaschine Digital


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Artikelnummer: IPV-YS-130 Kategorie:


Features :
1, voltage : 220v or 110v (when you need 110v , please inform us)
2, power consumption : 30w
3, filling speed : 3.2L/min
4, weight: 5kg
5, size : 280*250*160(mm)
6, filling range: 3-3000ml

Operation Instruction :
1, function description
a, filling time : for adjusting the filling time
b, waiting time : waiting time between each filling when the machine is filling automatically .
c, counter : filling counter
d, filling speed : adjusting the speed
e, fiilling machine controller : for adjusting the filling range . When you turn on the machine , push the button “setting” .When the filling range reaches what you want , push the button “setting” once again .The machine will keep the filling range in memory .

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